Use It Or Let It Wither For Years - How To Make The Most Of What You Own

Campagne-Decoration Magazine

In the United States we live in one of the wealthier areas of the world, and are much more established than most of the countries around the globe.  If you do have your own home, be thankful for what you have.  With foreclosures on the rise, many people are going into this new year with an ever more gratefulness of what they do have, and improving what they already own.

1. Transform Your Closets.

One idea that is gaining momentum is taking a good look at the space that is forgotten about and improving it.  Take a good look at your pantry, could it be more efficient? Could it be more beautiful?  The forgotten spaces in most homes are the laundry rooms, closets, and furnace areas.

- Consider painting your pantry, and closets in deep rich colors than just plain white.  Navy, red, or any dark hue would cause linens to pop.  White dishware looks vibrant against navy, or even black.

2.  Add Shelving

-Make the most of a small nook or closet by adding shelves. By doing this you can easily maximize your storage space, while at the same time, displaying your nicer collections.

3.  Keep And Display Only The Best, And Pair Down

- If an item doesn't work in your space, get rid of it.  More people are pairing down.  Offer items that simply don't work in your home to your friends and family.  Chances are they may be able to re-purpose it.  Many people find homes that aren't cluttered, rather inspiring.  Really shine a spot light on those special items of worth, or value in your eyes, by making it the focus of the room.

-Collections look richer than lots of random items.  Purchase like objects and pair them together.  Plate hooks and mini shelves make it easier to hang items up on the wall.

Country Living Magazine Storage Ideas

Consider displaying your nicer copper or stainless steel pots and collanders above. 

We don't often think of the ceilings as useable space, and therefore use the cabinets for these items

Show off a nice collection over the sink, over an island or even a table. 

Make use of even the containers that you use for recycling.  Improve the look in your garage by getting rid of clutter and making use of the space.  Country Living makes recycling pretty:

Use a cast-off crate instead of a plastic bin.

Make Use Of Your Pantry By Adding Shelving- Kitchen in Provence, France

This Manhattan apartment is the home of Keith Johnson, buyer-at-large for Anthropologie

Jackye Lanham- Featured On Cote De Texas

An early 18th-century German Schrank with a traditional display of corals
(Naturkundenmuseum Berlin).  Source

 Open shelves tends to be for added display space, and space limitations.   The open storage above has a beautiful aqua color scheme in the kitchen which is seen carried through with the owner's dishes. Atlanta Home Magazine

Painted Country Cupboard with a beautiful display of vintage food tins

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