Rustic Decorating Ideas For Your Primitive Styled Home

There are so many beautiful decorating ideas that sometimes it’s hard to decide. Styles change throughout the years but we all gravitate towards our favorites. I have always fluctuated between styles. I guess you could say that my style would fall into the eclectic category of design. Regardless of your style or taste I hope [...]

Decorating With Antlers

Primitive Decor Ideas – Colonial Chair Antlers -Aimee Herring Photography

Decorating with antlers has become a very hot trend these last several years.  Antlers aren’t only for rustic cabins anymore, designers are combining them with brighter paint colors and in some cases modern furnishings.  This home is certainly centered around a period style.  Colonial styled [...]

Actor Dennis Quaid Rustic Home & Primitive Decor

Actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly find the comfort of home being surrounded by country rustic furnishings. The interior is “relaxed, comfortable; you walk in and throw your feet up—but at the same time, they’re artistic,” she tells Architectural Digest. Interior designers John and Krista Everage brought a farmhouse look to the [...]