Primitive Gothic Furniture & Medieval Decor

Built in the 16th century, This lovely French Chateau is a terrific example of Primitive decorating.  The chateau went through a dramatic transformation to what it is today.  Originally it was updated by Louis-Léger Vallée, who was an engineer who worked on the Paris subway system.   The property remained largely untouched after that, and in the possession of Vallée’s descendants, until the late 1990s, when an entertainment agent and his wife bought it.   The final owner, a businessman and decorator Tino Zervudachi transformed the chateau with his assistant Dennis Pyle.  Together they replaced many furnishings with finer pieces and refreshed what was left. View more of the outstanding pictures at Architectural Digest.

Chateau in France Featured in Architectural Digest

French Furniture Solid Mahogany Antique Replica Gothic Revival Armoire Shelf

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Historians traditionally divide English Gothic into a number of different periods, which may be further subdivided to accurately define different styles.

In the late 12th century the Early English Gothic style had its beginnings, and developed itself in the 13th century and lasted until the mid 14th century.

Gothic architecture continued to flourish in England for a hundred years after the Renaissance in Florence in the early 15th century.

The Gothic style gave way to the Renaissance in the later 16th and 17th centuries, but was revived in the late 18th century and continued throughout the 19th century.

Many of the largest and finest examples of English architecture are built in the Gothic style.

Gothic style is widely known to be English in origin, although it is very interesting to know that the style actually had originated in the area around Paris before spreading to England.

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Gothic Furniture & Decorating

Gothic Furniture & Decorating From Furniture Designers Gallery

Gothic Furniture & Decorating

Gothic Furniture & Decorating From Decor Pad

Gothic Furniture & Decorating

Gothic Furniture & Decorating From Country Living Magazine

Gothic Furniture & Decorating

Gothic Furniture & Decorating Source

Charactoristics Of Gothic Style

This time has been referred to as middle Ages, along with the Dark Ages.  There was a notable gap between the rich and poor. Furnishings for the very poor was made to be useful and practical, while the furniture for the prosperous was time-honored, elaborate and more decorative.

Designs and Styles on ebay is a great source for French Gothic Furniture.

Gothic furniture is becoming harder to find, because it isn't a style that any reproductions are made from.  Dealers who specialize in looking through the countryside for hard to find antiques are becoming more popular as this furniture becomes less available.

Furniture contained heavily etched and ornately furnished motifs. Flower themes were very popular along with the royal Fleur-de-lis and cross shapes.

Practical furniture such as the cabinet to store tableware and clothes were seen along with the buffet and sideboard became useful for work and general table use.  Tables which used drawers had been also released during this period.

Bedroom furniture contained large poster beds using elaborate backboards along with posts.  Candelabras was a very common element seen in the home.

As in earlier times, oak had been the most popular materials used, although additional woods ended up being used as well.

The most significant design element associated with this period was the pointed arch known as the lancet. Pointed arches were not only seen on the exterior of buildings, but also built in doorway and window design.  Builders generally used round arches, although they had very occasionally employed slightly pointed ones.  The design of the pointed arch allowed walls could become less massive and window openings much larger and grouped more closely together.  Architects were able to design a more open design concept which is still the most desired trend today.

High walls and vaulted stone roofs were seen supported by half arches.  The ballflower and a four-leaved flower motif as well as circles with trefoils and quatrefoils have been widely known and associated with this style.  Interiors of this period often feature tall columns and vaulting became more elaborate.

Gothic furniture was extremely popular during the Victorian period in the U.S. in the  mid-1800s. Designers of Gothic furniture during this period include Thomas  Chippendale, Alexander Jackson Davis and Augustus Welby Pugin.

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Key Elements to Include In Your Home

- Gothic furniture  features intricate decoration and carving, and is very heavy, focus on these elements.

-Upholstery pieces usually feature heavy fabrics such as velvet, brocade or  leather.

- Consider choosing furniture with lots of distressing.  Distress the furniture yourself with chains and hammers to really forge out centuries of distressing.

- Black is a common color with Gothic English style.  When considering painting your furniture, stick to very basic colors.  Dull muted paint tones on furniture would work the best.  Think of Olive with brown glazing to give a very worn antique appearance.  Rich reds, and oranges and ochre yellows work nicely with this style.  Always glaze your furniture with a rich brown glaze to replicate years of wear.

- Bobbin turned furniture still can be found at reasonable prices.  Consider selecting a few pieces of furniture with this style.

- Consider a primitive looking stenciling on the walls.  During this period designs focused on foliage patterns. A wider variety of leaves were patterned after ivy, oak, rose, and vines.

Other architectural elements you may want to consider are bricks, stone walls, and stained glass doors.

Gothic French Cathedral Arch Aged Wood Console Table Tin Top

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One Important Last Note*

Today's modern version of Gothic style with skulls, black robes and death isn't at all what this style is about, but Hollywood's version of it.  This style can be very romantic, and primitive in nature, yet today the word Gothic is associated with the demonic rhelm which it doesn't have to be FOR YOUR home.

When shopping for your home decor, I would caution you to not consider buying items that have dragons, gargoyles, angels or any sort of death presence to it.  See our article on getting rid of occult objects from your home for a better description of home decor items to stay away from.  It seems like if any demonic home decor items are out there, they are listed under the "Gothic" style. There are plenty of wonderful antique Gothic styled furniture that will give you that regal look you desire for your home.

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