Primitive Country Style Decorating

The essence of the country living is wrapped up in modest meaningful details. The mixture of the old and the new and the well-worn and well-loved has become a style that many are flocking back into as the recession hits and hard times find their way into many peoples lives around the country. When people reach into what really matters, it is not about having all the money in the world, but rather about friends and family. Cherished family history which has passed through several generations have become incredibly meaningful and it makes it's way into the home decor. Sturdy oak tables which have been passed down from family to family are more loved than the brand new furniture without the dents, marks and history. Farmhouse tables which have seen countless family meals, served both a place to prepare meals as well as seeing countless children doing their homework. Families find the value in the most humblest items such as the shells from the ocean to the hand painted ceramics and woven baskets which decorate the home. Metalwork, ceramic pots, and tiles were designed with simplicity, and created for durability and highly recognized for its country appeal. One of the charms of country living lies in comfort. There is a respect for craftsmanship and integrity for design. In Influential Country Styles, Judith Miller looks at the country traditions from around the world which we love and adore. The comfortable warm looks of the country home have become a style that can be found around the world, and Miller takes us on a tour of the decoration of homes which we can borrow and make our own.

Primitive Decor - Country Style Decorating

The best thing about Influential Country Styles by Judith Miller is ALL the country styles from around the world have their own unique mark on country style.  Although we may know our own region well, it is very interesting to see another region's idea on country style which has been borrowed for generations.  American Rustic interiors has an entirely different color scheme than the informal English Country cottage.  The brightly colored Mediterranean villa looks much different than the white looks found in the Scandinavian farmhouse.

Stone has built character in homes for centuries, while wood has created the most exquisite furniture each a common element across the globe and are interpreted differently from region to region. Bricks to this day remain some of the best building blocks for architecture. Well worn flagstone has made some of the most desired kitchens and floors and has kept people warm at the fireplace for years. Ceiling beams made of aged old wood planks, solid wood doors and wood floors have been loved for generations. Judith Miller explores the best of country style.

Consider this book:  Folk Art Murals of the Rufus Porter School: New England
Landscapes: 1825- 1845 

Here is the long awaited update of research on the Rufus Porter Landscape Mural
School, greatly expanding the knowledge and understanding of this uniquely
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researchers, designers, and painters alike. It offers evidence regarding the
attribution of these mostly unsigned works, and encourages readers to apply that
evidence in reaching their own conclusions. In addition, there is a section
concerning the preservation of historic murals and various challenges and
threats to such preservation. Finally, the book offers a ‘‘how-to’’ section that
interprets Porter's original published mural painting instructions in terms of
modern equipment, materials, and supplies.’

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