How To Decorate With Potted Plants

Living in an apartment may give you limited ways to improve its appearance. A renovation may be possible but only minor changes can be made. Another way to spruce up the look of an apartment is by rearranging things and adding decorations. Unlike doing major renovation, this strategy is cost effective and less time-consuming.

There are so many decorations you can think of to make your apartment looking pleasant. Take for instance the potted plants which are very practical and easy to find. Most apartments have small areas so adding big and several decorative items may not do the job. Plants add life to any environment. So if you want to integrate plants in your home decor, here are simple tips to achieve it properly.

Decide the theme

– Decide what look you want to achieve in your apartment. Do you want to create a contemporary ambiance or an old time themed space? Always take into consideration your style in deciding how you want your place to appear. And of course, whether you want a modest or a lavish theme, never sacrifice the comfort when you decorate your dwelling. The theme is important in order to choose the right kinds of plants.

Choose the types of plants

– After choosing a theme, select the potted plants that can match with it. If you want a modern look, the best types of plants to use are those with slender or sleek shapes. Plants like dracaena, ponytail palm and snake plant have slim leaves which mean they will not occupy much space. These plants are perfect to be set in the living room. Ferns, pothos, hoya and other plants with broad leaves can bring more dramatic appeal to a Victorian themed apartment.

Be careful in picking the plants for your apartment. Tall potted plants can look good in a high ceiling space while shrub-like plants are perfect on corner. Some plants can be placed on the floor while others are on the table.

Pick unique containers for the plants

– The main purpose of putting plants inside is to improve your interior design. That is why it is also important to choose nice-looking containers for these plants. Most potted plants are in clay pots. So if you want to make the plants more appealing, transfer them into another container. All you need to do is look for pots with unique design. Otherwise, you can just place the plant inside a basket when you set it inside the apartment.

Select a spot for the plants

– Decide which part of your apartment needs improvement. Living room is usually the number one spot to decorate. It is one of the busiest areas in every home, and so it should always look and feel good. Apart from the living area, plants can be placed in the bedroom, kitchen corners, bathroom and along the staircase. Set the potted plants where you want but never overdo to avoid making your apartment look-like a jungle. Place those plants that need plenty of sunlight near or by the windows.

Take care of the plants

– When using plants as decoration, never forget to take good care of them. Of course, you do not want to keep unhealthy looking plants inside your apartment. Rather than making your space pleasant, they might just bring distasteful scene. Water your plants every day. Or you can ask someone else from you family to do it for your if you are too busy. Remember that plants need proper care in order to beautify your apartment.

Potted plants can help you improve the appearance of your apartment without spending much. At the same time, it is eco-friendly decorations.

About the author

Ashley O’connor is a social media blogger specializing in home improvement ideas and family matters. She works with various successful firms including Lincoln Property Company, a firm committed to provide livable and relaxing residential communities. Apart from writing, she also enjoys watching tv and reading books. Follow her on Twitter @AshleyOconnor82.

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