How To Antique Your Furniture Yourself

Antiquing furniture can help you change a typical piece of furniture that is found at a mass production location into a unique piece that looks like no other furniture item that is on the market today. While some companies can make your furniture into an antique-looking piece, you can do most of this work yourself. In one weekend, you can dramatically transform your furniture. Follow these steps to give your piece an antique and distressed appearance.

Bang It

Furniture that has been around for several decades or centuries is not likely to have made it through various eras unscathed. Bang the piece of furniture with a variety of implements to give it a natural, distressed appearance. You can make small holes in the piece with a few light taps with a hammer. You can scratch the piece up by knocking it with screws and bolts. You can chisel away some of the paint for a distressed appearance.

Sand It

If you plan to paint the piece of furniture another color and it has an existing stain or paint finish, you will need to sand it down. Use a fine sandpaper and get down to the natural grain of the wood. After you paint the piece, go back and sand in areas that would typically become distressed over time. For example, sand around the inside portion of any panels on the furniture piece and around the exterior corners of the space. Any drawers or doors should also be sanded.

Whitewash It

Whitewashed furniture looks like furniture that has been around for several years. You can create this look in a few ways. One way is to mix water with white paint. Dip a rag into the mixture and rub the rag over the piece of furniture. Another way to accomplish this look is by painting the furniture piece in a darker color, followed by one coat of white paint. Before the paint has a chance to dry fully, you wipe away some of the paint.

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Wax Effect

Another way to antique a piece of furniture is to give it a new patina. This method requires you to paint the furniture piece in one color that serves as an undercoat. Follow this layer of paint with a cream-colored paint color. Finish with a few coats of wax. You can even use candle wax to accomplish this look.

Paint It

If you opt not to add a new patina through wax or to whitewash your piece, you may still want to paint the furniture piece. Paint is a great way to integrate the furniture piece into another era. For example, a baby blue paint color makes the furniture piece look like it is part of the 1920s.

Embellish It

You can also add special details to the furniture piece to achieve the look that you want. For example, you may want to change out the fabric of an old sofa or chair. You can replace the existing fabric with a more period-specific fabric. Remove the old pieces of fabric from the furniture piece and use them as a pattern to cut out your new fabric. There are other embellishments that you may want to add to increase the authenticity of the piece. For example, you may want to add nailheads to a furniture piece to give it a more sophisticated appearance. Tufting is another option that adds large buttons to some pieces of furniture, like headboards, armchairs and sofas. Tufting is a popular trend for several historic eras.

Finish the Piece

If you are working with a wooden furniture piece, such as an armoire, coffee table, end table, desk or other wooden surface, you likely have a couple more steps before the job is finished. If you have just painted the piece, you may need to distress it so that it does not have a shiny, new look. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove some of the paint. This helps to expose the wood surface or previous color of the piece.

Antiquing your furniture can enable you to create a beautiful piece of furniture that is not replicated in every store throughout the nation. Try these tips to get the look you crave.


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