10 Ideas For That Primitive Cabin In The Woods

Many dream about a rustic cabin in the woods, which they can spend their weekends away from the city.   Here are some decorating ideas for that remote home away from city life which you can enjoy spending time with family, reading books, playing games, and escaping the trappings of modern life.

1. Consider decorating with [...]

Show Off Your Antique Trunks

Trunks are excellent pieces of furniture to have in a primitive styled home.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are excellent for storing goods.  We all could use extra storage in our homes.

The trunks above and featured throughout this post comes from Randall Barbera, who combines high-quality woodworking, ornamental upholstery and a fresh face [...]

Using Open Spaces

When it comes to rustic décor sometimes less is more. There are many decorating ideas out there that tell you how to fill a space but very few tell you how to leave a space open for maximum effect. Here are some great ideas for using space creatively in your home.

1.    Focus on the Heat [...]