An American Saltbox Updated

Architectural Digest featured a really captivating home designed by Stephen Sills and James Huniford

The living room’s wood floors were original. The interior is bathed in creamy whites, and gray tones. Among the living room’s furniture sits an American low table once used for shucking oysters. Not everything is American in the home, which [...]

How To REALLY Live Life- The Primitive Style

Throw away the blackberry’s, and iphones for old fashioned living. People are escaping from this era of being obsessed with checking facebook, and being tied to their phone, that many people are just throwing it all away for a simple lifestyle.   Many people are slowly detaching themselves from this obsession of technology ruling their lives, [...]

Book Review: Creating A New Old House

 Creating A New Old House

Many of you might be searching for a new house to buy, or perhaps you are hoping to reinvent your current home with some old classical details to give it that old style charm.  I have a book for you!

Many people don’t even approach the idea of [...]