A Rustic Beauty Comes To Life Again

Bastion & Lark posted on a very unique 200 year old house that was restored and brought back it's former glory by antiques dealer Patrick Dunne.  Dunne owns a very popular  New Orleans antique store named Lucullus. This beautiful home was featured in the magazine Garden & Gun.

Here are several tips to getting the primitive look in your own home:

1.  Consider investing in wood floors.  If you already have wood floors, consider sanding them down and waxing them to bring out the rustic quality in the natural grain.  Painted wood, raw wood, distressed wood brings out an old world charm in a home.  Strive for a happy medium between painted finishes and wood furniture.  Sometimes the more worn a piece of wood is, the better it looks in some instances.

2.  Work with the early Americana colors.   I am astounded how well a room looks just from using the right color palettes.  You wouldn't believe it, but finding the "just right red" is a tedious process.   Working with the right paint colors will allow your overall design to be enhanced.  Many hardware stores now color match paint.

3.  Many primitive country furnishings were made from twigs, branches and other natural elements, so incorporate them into your home.  Get creative with your furnishings, and incorporate more natural elements.  This chest is made from pine cones, and would make a very unique statement in a primitive home.  Furniture was created and decorated with bark, branches and twigs. Each log and twig was especially chosen for their shape and texture - right down to the decorative trim.  There is a fine line between being crafty and an object with a intentional design.  Less is always more when it comes to decorative objects around the home.  Consider investing in a few antique pieces that you adore, and you will be surprised that you learn to love less, (but higher quality) furnishings.

4.  Take a good look at your existing furniture, and consider ways to changing it to suit a primitive early American style. You won't believe how different a piece of furniture can look painted.  Changing the hardware can make an unbelievable change with kitchen cabinets and old rustic chests and dressers.   Old style hinges and pulls can make a world of difference to a piece of furniture.  My motto is when something better comes along, exchange it out with your old furnishings.  This can make decorating exciting.

5. Consider Primitive Furniture.  You don't see a blender too often in Primitive homes that are staged.  Although your house should be functional at the same time.  Case in point, collect furnishings that would appear around the time frame.  A primitive country home often has a few raw or painted pieces with classic traditional designs. Armories, wardrobes and big tables are typical in a primitive home.  Consider decorating a room around a farm house table, or a large poster bed.  Benches are often found at the kitchen table.  Poster beds are seen in the bedroom with trunks at the foot of the bed.  Wardrobes are more commonly seen than closets.  Furniture and pillows are cozy found overstuffed.  Quilts and wooden decorative objects draw the eye to more artistic touches in the home.

Decorate in the style that you adore the most; collect what you think is the best, and enjoy the process.



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