10 Ideas For That Primitive Cabin In The Woods

Many dream about a rustic cabin in the woods, which they can spend their weekends away from the city.   Here are some decorating ideas for that remote home away from city life which you can enjoy spending time with family, reading books, playing games, and escaping the trappings of modern life.

1. Consider decorating with richer colors. Colonial colors were based around the earth tone colors such as white, creamy yellow, almond, ochre, reddish brown, dark brown, beige, taupe and muted
green.  These colors were in fact the foundational pigments that came from natural resources such as plants, soil and minerals. Consider painting wood floors, or furniture in deeper colors.  Deep midnight blue, burgundy, mustard yellow, orange terracotta, and celery sage green, accented with antique white are all great ideas for interior design.

Several of the pictures below are based around the color red.  Red can be quite quite dramatic for an interior color choice and the color itself adds vividness to the primitive palette. Venetian red is a great choice for chests, dressers, and painted chairs. Resonant of the caves of Lascaux and the Paleolithic era, red is a dramatic color option that doesn't necessarily have to go on the walls, but instead can be used as upholstery options, drapery and bed linens.

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Ralph Lauren's Indian Cove Lodge Collection could give you many great ideas for a home decorated around a primitive styled Lodge.  Ralph Lauren uses tartan fabrics for upholstered accent chairs, and on upholstered bed frames.  Tartan has been most commonly associated with Scotland, however it is actually an ancient textile design which has been known all across western and central Europe for thousands of years.

Ocher yellow is another warm choice to base a room around. It provides a woody warmth that makes a home inviting. Ocher is a true earth color, and one that is close in color to oak, maple and yellow granite. It won't overwhelm a room and is a suitable wall color, especially when you face issues with low light.

Log Home And Lodge Cabin Decorating Ideas:

1. Rough pine walls and floors set the theme for a primitive styled look.  Consider adding wallpaper, stone, and wood to walls to add texture and depth to a room.  Adding natural element such as leather upholstered sofas will add a feeling of warmth.

2. Don't be afraid to whitewash log cabin walls.  If you love the look of wood, but need some extra light, white washing the wood is a very nice compromise to opening up the space.  A basic, chalky white applied to walls, which invokes a nice aged look.  A whitewash will brighten up a log cabin making it brighter allowing you to add in richer colored furniture.

Below we feature a picture of an interior log cabin home whose walls are painted white.  It works!

3. Layer, Layer, Layer.  The formula to successful design is laying the details.

4. Tartan is sure to add a touch of rustic flair to your home. Consider ordering high quality Ralph Lauren tartan fabrics at your local fabric store to upholster a vintage or antique chair with.  Consider making your own throw pillows with tartan fabric.  Mix and match solids with plaids.

5. Hudson Bay blankets convey a rustic lifestyle like few other single home accessories.  Hudson Bay blankets are very very warm, they are worth the investment.

6. One of the keys to a primitive look is to achieve an overall look that is both gorgeous and comfortable. Aim for a look that looks lived in.

7. Invest in black and white photography.  Raid your sister in laws photo albums of their kids.  Look through your parents albums and copy out some of the pictures to create a collage on the wall to give you an overall family heritage feel.

8.  Purchase sofas and larger scale furniture with within solid upholstery fabric.  Accent furniture can be more elaborate.  Having your heavier pieces plain gives the opportunity to exchange out throw pillows through the summer and winter months.  A cashmere blanket and pillows will instantly transform a neutral sofa into a  cozy retreat.  Tartan patterns dress up a home for the holidays.  Don't limit yourself to one look for the winter and the summer.  Keeping your lighter pieces plain will allow you to exchange things out through the years, without having to be married to one style.

6. Feature special heirlooms as a collection on a table or a wall.  Display those family treasures in the open than behind closed doors.  Set books out on the tables, and fill up a library with books that can be read all winter than having the tv on.  Transform a living room into a library with stacks of books ready to be opened and shared.  Books dress up any shelf or tabletop and also give an indication to the your own and families personal interests.

7. Brighten up a center table with a plaid or tartan blanket.  Yes, I said blanket. Consider draping a heavy wool blanket as a table cloth for an accent table, or entry table.  Measure the table top and have a piece of glass cut for the top which then can also hold a number of brass and wood family pictures.  Buy heavy trim that can be sewed on the bottom of the blanket.  Blankets are so inexpensive, that this would be a very affordable look.  Copy the looks from Ralph Lauren and add in crystal vases, glassware, and picture frames.  Rustic doesn't have to be always old and worn.

8.  Consider the lighting in your get away cabin.  If your city home has options for low lighting, perhaps you need to make use of the candles and hurricane lamps in your cabin.  Cabins don't always have the modern technology we are accustomed to, therefore, make use of the more romantic age old candles and lamps from the old days.  Candles and low lighting will set the mood to de-compress the stress that we carry with us from day to day working.

9.  While many people love the look of dark rooms, they are very hesitant to paint their walls in those dark colors.  Paint applied to just one wall often doesn't look right either.  Consider investing in slip covers or very vivid portrait paintings with the dark colors that you are attracted to.  Paintings and art will command attention.  If your painting has some hints of yellow in it, consider several shades lighter in hue for your walls.  Paint your furniture some of the darkest base colors in the painting to bring the room together.  Ebay is filled with affordable antique portrait paintings.

10.  Work with the warmer fabrics in the winter such as corduroy or velvet.  Stock up on warm flannel sheets, and then pile the bed with additional wool blankets.  Drape coordinating Hudson Bay blankets over sofas and accent chairs.  Collecting blankets is a functional thing to collect, while at the same time will be beautiful to decorate with.

Don't Be afraid of painting the interior of your log cabin.

Bridal Rug Upholstered Sofa From Wisteria

Lady Worsley. Detail. 1776 Joshua Reynolds, Swedish Mora Clock From moraclocks.co.uk, Jean-Léon Gérôme Egyptian Girl, Sir Alexander MacDonald of Sleat

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Embroidered quilt in green from tibet arts & crafts, Ponca Floor Pillow, Pug in Red Jacket Needlepoint Pillow

Tartanware Chest- See Our post "Decoupage Is Simple! Update Your Kids Furniture"

Red Floral Painted Room

Ralph Lauren Country Cabin Looks

Antique Child's Folk Art Stenciled Settee

Ralph Lauren


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